Why Oil Over Renewables?

Grrrrr. This whole idea of oil pipelines at the expense of our environment and our health just pisses me off. Our government and society in general is spending time and money on obsolete technologies that only harm us physically (pollution) and financially (gas prices and clean ups). When will BOTH parties start to push for more and more renewables. They create jobs, don’t harm taxpayers health and saves money in the short and long run.

Here’s link to an article about the effects of an oil spill:



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A Tip from The Information Alchemist – Protect Your Gold

How would you would like to add an additional revenue stream to your business?

My name is Howard “Lucky” Luckman, the Information
Alchemist and I can turn your information into gold.

Do you have a data base of your customers contact information? Do you have their email addresses? Do you store information about your relationship with them?

Do you backup your information on a regular basis? Maybe you lost your data though hacking, virus or hardware issues? DOESN’T MATTER! It will happen to most of us – unless you remember this important lesson.

Whether you are a newbie to the device in front of you or a veteran of cyberspace, please please please


You wouldn’t leave your gold jewelry unprotected would you? Well I’m here to let you know there’s gold in them there bits and bytes  – right there on your computer, your smart phone or your tablet.

The choice is yours – BACKUP,  SYNC UP OR PAY UP

Backup will save you time. It will save you money and it will give you piece of mind.

My name is Howard “Lucky” Luckman and I AM the Information

Email me, call me or send a carrier pigeon. Just contact me and see how I can turn your information into gold.

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Put Lucky’s Laws of Logic to Work For YOU!

I found a new title for myself – Chief Information Alchemist. I can transform your data into dollar$.

Turn off the “it can’t happen” voices and let me show you the steps to make it happen. Email me now to find out how.

As an aside, my thanks to the lovely ladies of The Women’s Prosperity Network for putting on an incredible event and for inspiring me to recognize a way I can serve others.

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Welcome to Lucky’s Laws of Logic

Lucky’s Laws Of Logic

A place in Cyber Space where logic takes a silly, insightful, slant on technology and the technology of life.

Contact lucky@luckyslawsoflogic.com

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